Psychometric Testing Melbourne

Build strong and healthy teams with the use of Psychometric leadership testing in Melbourne. X Miller Consulting utilises an innovative assessment platform known as Extended DISC – a psychometric test designed to observe and analyse an individual’s behavioural style within the workplace. It is a proven tool that assists in the ongoing development of your people and helps you to understand the most effective ways to communicate, lead and manage each and every staff member effectively. Your business is a big part of your life so bringing new people into your business environment means allowing new people into your life. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that you are hiring the right people from the very start.


Psychometric Cognitive Testing & Smart Business Solutions

Extended DISC profiling can help you recruit the right people based on behavioural profiling. This ensures that you only hire people with characteristics that meet your business needs and goals. Extended DISC profiling can also help your grow your business by building high performing teams, as well as choosing the right people for succession planning and managing conflict.

Extended DISC profiling is an extremely versatile tool for deriving relevant employee information and is an outstanding platform for manager's to truly lead individuals and teams. Reports can be generated in formats such as:

  • Communication style
  • Leadership and management style
  • Customer service
  • Sales competence
  • Administration
  • Recruitment & on-boarding 

Benefits of Psychometric Testing

Whether you employ 1 person, or 50, your goal should be to improve your business processes and overall employee outcomes. Psychometric testing can be used for a range of purposes and can really help get your business from A to B.

  • Cost-effective tool for predicting future performance
  • Helps you manage employee behavioural issues more effectively
  • Provides you with a standard view of candidate competencies
  • Gives you access to employee knowledge, abilities and personality
  • Matches the best candidates to fit your company culture

We are proud to have facilitated over 400 Extended DISC profiles to our clients this year. Do yourself and your business a favour and call us today on 0417 314 736 or connect with us via email at to arrange a confidential appointment.

X Miller Consulting is one of the few psychometric assessment companies that can help you achieve the best results for your business.