Find Talent

With over 15 years of specialist recruitment experience, X Miller Consulting can assist you with all of your permanent recruitment requirements. Utilising all the main job boards, direct contact (head-hunting) and a large network of active and passive candidates, we are well placed to find the talent you require, quickly.

We aim to ensure that the right person is found for you every time. Recruitment is not ground-breaking, nor is it difficult to do. However, it is very time-consuming and takes you away from your day to day work for long periods of time, mostly without success.

Recruitment is our speciality; we do it everyday and have success at it. Our efficiency and expertise is why our clients choose us to find their next star employee. We can act as your internal recruiter - promoting your brand in the market whilst developing your recruitment process and strategy. Or, you can outsource to us. The decision is yours.

And, our fees are the most competitive you will find. We have a very simple fee structure for full process recruitment and shortlisting services. No sliding scale percentages, just one simple fee. All with the piece of mind of a gurantee period, just in case! To us, it is about outcomes, not the % commission per placement...don't get us started about that.

We believe in what we do and understand you are key to the process, so give us a call today and let us find your next superstar.