extended disc profiling

Your business is a part of you and your life and so bringing new people into your business means letting new people into your life. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that you are allowing the right people in.

Finding the right people however can be difficult as people do not always show you their true personalities in the initial stages of their employment with you. Retaining great people is also challenging, however Extended DISC is a proven tool that assists in the ongoing development of your people and helps you to understand the most effective way to communicate, lead and manage each and every staff member!

Extended DISC profiling can help you recruit the right people based on behavioural profiling. This ensures that you only hire people with characteristics that meet your business and its goals. Extended DISC profiling can also help you grow your business by building high performing teams, choosing the right people for succession planning and to manage conflict. Extended DISC profiling is extremely versatile in the information you can derive and is an outstanding tool for your manager's to truly lead individuals and teams. Reports can be provided to assist in the following areas of business:

  • Recruitment & On-boarding
  • Retention & Motivation
  • Team Development & Building
  • Self-development
  • Improving Communication
  • Coaching & Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales & Management Training
  • Customer Service Training

As an accredited consultant, Xavier has facilitated over 600 Extended DISC and Sales Competence assessments for businesses around Australia. Do yourself and your business a favour and call XMC today.

why use extended disc?

There are five most common areas where HR issues occur and Extended DISC profiling can help to identify and resolve these issues quickly!

Grow & Develop - Understand your people's behavioural strengths and how to get the best from them. Learn about their motivators, development areas, how they approach tasks and goals and what their communication style is. 

Team & Build - Grow healthy teams by understanding each other's styles to build a more effective and cohesive team, working together to enhance performance and productivity. 

Lead & Manage -  Understand the different behavioural styles to ensure you adapt your management style to suit individual needs. Learn what motivates your direct reports and how best to communicate with them. Identify future team leaders/managers to ensure sustained growth and succession strategies.

Recruit & Select - Recruit and retain the most suitable candidates by identifying their natural behavioural style and assessing best fit. Learn about what types of tasks and activities they will feel comfortable undertaking. 

Sales & Service - Identify how each style sells and understand your team's natural selling style. Help the individual team members to understand their development areas and if their role needs redefining.